Design Thinking Facilitator (DTF)


Use the power of creative teams and design innovative solutions!


For whom is the DTF program? 

  • employees of advertising agencies as well as marketing, development, and innovation departments going globally
  • companies looking for innovative, culturally fitting/fitted solutions and ideas for international markets
  • multicultural teams designing new products, services, and innovative solutions
  • employees of human resources departments working in the intercultural environment
  • trainers, coaches, and facilitators who want to expand their competencies and learn new methodology
  • all, who want to learn how to use design thinking and service design tools to improve the customer experience


What are the benefits of DTF for you?

  • you´ll learn the best practices and case studies of effective implementation of design thinking
  • you’ll learn how to use new tools for uncovering the real customers’ needs
  • you´ll get to know how to plan and prepare the design thinking process
  • you´ll learn to incorporate intercultural elements into your design thinking processes
  • you´ll experience various techniques of raising group energy and of generating ideas
  • you´ll learn about different strategies of choosing the most promising ideas
  • you´ll experience quick and affordable ways of prototyping and testing solutions to speed up the design process
  • you´ll be able to exchange experiences and get mutual inspiration with other practitioners


For your Organization

  • you will become better at meeting the needs of the market
  • you´ll define how cultural values influence the attitude and behavior of your clients and team members
  • you’ll be able to save time, money and effort needed during the implementation of new products and services
  • you´ll experience how solid project teams and effective processes are built
  • you´ll get to know how to keep a high creativity level in your team while leading design processes
  • you´ll get the chance to look at your business and your services with the eye of the customer in order to stay ahead of your competition
  • you´ll get inspired to develop an open and creative organizational culture
  • you´ll strengthen the constructive attitude of employees co-operating in international design teams
  • you´ll get to know how to avoid the most common mistakes when using design thinking
  • last, but not the least, you´ll be able to enhance the innovator’s mindset of the team members that will let you exploit new market opportunities


How does the DTF structure look like?

The Design Thinking Facilitator program (DTF) is the basic course for beginners and middle advanced participants. It contains four days which will provide you the essentials for your professionalization as a design thinking facilitator.

We will be working along the main stages of a design thinking process: empathize, define, ideate, prototype, and test. To gain the true understanding of the process, you will experience both, not only facilitator’s but participant’s perspective, as well.


  • you will learn the foundations of the design thinking methodology
  • we will analyze a five-stage design thinking model
  • we will discuss how to choose the right team for the challenge at hand
  • we will qualify how to prepare space and resources


  • you will learn how to use design thinking tools to get to know and understand the user
  • you will practice the use of selected tools for getting for understanding the context


  • you will work on diagnosing the real needs of the user
  • we will identify real design challenges for teams
  • you will learn and practice the use of selected tools enabling efficient definition of the challenge


  • you will get to know design thinking principles for effective idea generation
  • you will take part in a creative brainstorming and alternative ideation methods
  • you will learn how to choose the most promising ideas
  • you will learn and practice the use of selected tools for keeping high creative energy in your team


  • you will learn and practice the use of selected tools and methods for prototyping ideas


  • you will learn and practice the use of selected tools and methods for testing solutions
  • you will experience how to improve the prototype after testing

Summary / we will discuss how to

  • take care of own well-being as a facilitator, the team and the process during leading the team
  • embrace multicultural diversity in your team and use it as an advantage during the design process


The detailed program will be delivered to the Participants before the DTF Program



  • regular price – 1.300,00 Euro
  • early bird – 1.100,00 Euro (payable minimum 30 days before the training)



March 25-28, 2019 – Amsterdam >> Registration
Facebook event >>

December 6-9, 2018 – Krakow (registration closed)




Five reasons to join the DTF program



EIFID DTF program is the result of a long way of asking questions and finding answers. All by ourselves. This is why at EIFID we believe, that you do not have to kick the door open. We already did it – that should be enough. And It’s a waste of your time. If we know the answer, we´ll give it to you.


We focus on your strengths. Everyone is an individual and brings his / her unique talents to work with people. We teach how to work with them and empower yourself to use them in your own training sessions.


We love feedback. With feedback we aim for uncovering your blind spots in a loving and caring way. And we encourage you to do the same. We believe that feedback enables you to grow much faster as a trainer and as a human being.


We will use conventional and unconventional teaching and learning methods by involving your mind, body and spirit. They will support you on your way to become aware of yourself and the participants of your trainings. We do not reinvent the wheel. The methods worked very well on us, they will be working on you too.


We care a lot about your development as a human and as a facilitator. This is why we take care of the group process – there are always two trainers/facilitators in the group room in order for you to benefit from the wide experience of how they teaching styles are.