3 lenses which help me tackle my Indian Ethnocentrism – you can do it too!

As a country that prides itself on it’s ancient history and legacy, it is very easy to get carried away at times. Much like the father in ‘My Big Fat Greek Wedding’ I grew with up with the notion that what ‘we’ do, say, and act is the only way it should be ever done. But let’s face it, that is of course never the case. But it’s very hard to know where to start to change that mindset.

I have spent years tracing back the habits of my people using my background in history, geography, and archaeology to see what brings us together than drives us apart. In this lecture, I will walk you through each of these lenses to help you gain a new perspective and lift the cloak of ethnocentrism.

Supriya Barve


Webinar details

When: November 8th, 2021, 5:00-6:00 PM Amsterdam Time

Registrations: https://bit.ly/3EjOY0h

The participation is free of charge.