What is our mission?

EIFID mission is to increase people´s awareness of their own cultural background, behaviour and habits in order to enable easier communication and relations within different cultures. EIFID aims for mutual understanding between cultures, for personal growth and as result for easier international and intercultural cooperation on the business and on the individual level.


How we do it?

EIFID provides intensive high quality train the trainer programs for Organizations and their Employees. We equip intern trainers with tools and information, that enable them to develop and lead train the trainer programs and other type of trainings at the highest level.


What we believe in?

We believe in the fact that the main knowledge is already the organization (the 70-20-10 concept) and to maximize this potential we provide you with different angles and new concepts on existing strategies.


Why developing intercultural training skills?

Contact with people from other cultures, learning about other cultures, or even acquiring theoretical knowledge of cultural models and frameworks, does not automatically lead to intercultural competence, nor can it be achieved in a few training sessions. It is a developmental process that requires self-awareness and critical analysis of one’s own cultural framework and how this influences one’s behaviour as well as one’s expectations and assumptions of others. Not many trainers have a deep understanding or opinions of their own culture, and evaluating the norms, values and beliefs that underpin their own culture is new to many of them.

However, without this critical cultural self-awareness, the shift in cultural framework required for development of intercultural competences is not likely to take place. It is maintained that an experiential, person-centred approach, going beyond the traditional learning and teaching approaches and tools, is required to develop the relevant competences.