Giving effective feedback across cultures – conveying the good, the bad, and the ugly

Giving constructive feedback is a complex task and doing this across cultures could be a minefield. However, project success and effective teamwork often hinge on this aspect of communication. Join us in this hands-on workshop, where you will learn about your own feedback habits and how they might be linked to cultural factors. You will also explore strategies to improve your skills in giving positive and negative feedback across cultures. Participants will benefit from learning alongside fellow participants from a wide range of backgrounds in an interactive online learning environment. 


Target group: 

team leaders, managers, teachers, HR professionals, and anyone working in team setting


During the workshop Participants will:

  • reflect on their own feedback habits, which are likely linked to their cultural background
  • compare their feedback habits to those of another culture
  • learn about strategies to deal with giving feedback across cultures
  • Practice applying above strategies


About the Trainer:

Helen Ng is an intercultural trainer and educator currently based in France. Helen has worked across cultural boundaries for the past 11 years on three different continents – first in Canada, then in Hong Kong, and now in southern France. Her career in language education and teacher training has given her key insights into effective ways of working with other cultures, in both online and face-to-face settings. She has experience leading training in intercultural communication, boosting creativity, and online pedagogy. 

She is a certified Intercultural Trainer from the European Institute for Intercultural Development and holds a Master’s degree in Education. Helen is an avid traveller and she enjoys language learning and hiking.  


Date and time:

6  Mai 2021 | 5 pm – 7:30 pm Amsterdam time



This 2,5 hours workshop is FREE of charge, nevertheless in exchange we will be asking you to deliver an honest and constructive feedback by the end of the session.