How much do you know about Netherlands?

How much do you know about The Netherlands? Test yourself in this short quiz. Find the answers below. Good luck!


Which place reportedly has the world’s largest collection of flowers?

  1. Keukenhof Garden
  2. Frans Hals Museum
  3. Castle Keukenhof

What is unsusal about the geography of The Netherlands?

  1. The land is completaly flat
  2. The area is covered by a series of complex sand dunes
  3. Most of the land is below sea level

You are  with the whole family on the beach. A tractor with a trailer parked at the shore. There is a high probability that you will be able to buy

  1. Waffle
  2. Herring
  3. Boiled corn

Your colleague comes to work with a new, much shorter haircut which clearly doesn’t suit her.

  1. You ask her: “Ben jij van de trap gevallen?” (Did you fall down the stairs?) and have a good laugh
  2. You tell her the haircut looks nice
  3. You tell her that it’s not bad but that you actually liked the old style better

A friend asks you to meet up for drinks.

  1. You instantly pull out your agenda and propose an available time slot (most likely at least 2 weeks from now)
  2. You tentatively give him/her a date but will confirm later after checking your agenda at home
  3. You love spontaneous plans and agree on a date within the next week

What’s the best order of the following?

  1. Mortgage, Marriage, Baby
  2. Mortgage, Baby, Marriage
  3. Marriage, Mortgage, Baby

The name of the narcissus flower comes from Ovid’s tale, in which a cursed nymph falls in love with fellow nymph Narcissus, who scorns her in favor of his own reflection. What is the name of the scorned nymph?

  1. Callilope
  2. Echo
  3. Maia
  4. Daphne

During the 1630s, which is sometimes referred to as the Dutch Golden Age, tulips became a valued commodity. What do scholars now call this short period?

  1. Time of the Tulips
  2. Tulipmania
  3. Tulip Fever

Which notable person is not associated with the University of Leiden, the Netherlands’ oldest and most prestigious academic institution?

  1. M. Curie
  2. N. Mandela
  3. A. Einstein

Genre painter Jan Steen assisted and later married the daughter of what famous Dutch landscape painter and resident of The Hague?

  1. Jan Vermeer
  2. Rembrandt Hermenszoon van Rijn
  3. Jan van Goyen


, 8-2, 9-1, 10-3