Moving and Resettling Internationally. Creating an enduring support network with friends, family and colleagues

Sometimes we think that moving internationally means breaking off all communications with our friends, family and colleagues left behind. When we move, those close around us no longer share day to day experiences and vice versa; and it’s harder to explain situations without the same context. It’s like telling a funny story, it’s typically not funny to the person who’s listening, and the story ends with ‘you just had to be there’.  

By specifically looking at the impact of cultural differences, the aim of this workshop is to explore these in relation to the emotions associated with relocating and resettling from both perspectives. The workshop will introduce three tools to make these experiences as shareable as possible with friends, family and colleagues, and to create an enduring support network.


Date and Time: 

17th November 2021 | 5 pm – 7:30 pm Amsterdam time


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For whom is this workshop?

The workshop is designed for participants who:  

  • Are moving internationally and would like to discuss how to continue to be connected with those staying.  
  • Know someone who is moving overseas and would like to explore how best to support and continue the friendship beyond the borders 
  • Have moved internationally, and would like to understand the emotions they experienced and find ways that can build those links with friends, family and colleagues   
  • Like to explore and understand about the influence and impact of cultural differences of international moves, and how together you can support each other in the move through the moving process

During the workshop you will work together to: 

  • Recognise that we all have a cultural lens that we view the world through
  • Explore the emotions that may be experienced through moving internationally
  • Experience the D.I.V.E process to guide and use in conversations


About the facilitator: 

Kate Fraser-Smith grew up as a Third Culture Kid (TCK) having lived in Jordan, France, Cyprus and the United Kingdom. It was through this upbringing and the work of both her parents in human resources and as an author of a cross-cultural book, which has inspired Kate in increasing her understanding of culture and of the challenges of moving internationally.  

Kate’s other passion of supporting others, flourished through her BSc in International Disaster Engineering and Management. Since graduating, she has had an 18-year career in the field of emergency planning, working for both local government as well as an international response company. During these years, Kate has continued to explore her passion of supporting people in their preparedness and cultural communication skills at work, with friends and with people she meets.  



This 2,5 hours workshop is FREE of charge, nevertheless in exchange we will be asking you to deliver an honest and constructive feedback by the end of the session. Please note that recordings of this workshop will not be available.