Ewa Tomczak

Design Thinking Facilitator and Trainer

“It´s never too late if you really want to change something.”



Certified Design Thinking Facilitator and Business Trainer with a rich background in marketing and communication. Ewa has over 7 years of experience in running business training and workshops. Many organizations have benefited from her support during initiating, planning and implementing improvements, optimizing organizational structure, introducing new products to the market and creating coherent marketing strategies.

She helps companies that aim at enhancing engagement of their employees, exercising the potential of interdisciplinary teams and unleashing the power of creative methods. On her blog you can find various information about implementing improvements and using creative methods in business. Moreover, she has authored a series of articles on implementing changes with the use of design thinking advantages. Working in Design Thinking at School project she co-creates innovatory educational solutions for schools and colleges.

Having a permanent hunger for knowledge, Ewa constantly seeks new methods and perspectives. She graduated from the University of Economics in Poznan, SET Business Trainers Academy and acquired certificate of a Change Trainer. The guiding principles in her professional life are development, relations, free choice, and honesty. Privately, she loves horses and Cuban salsa.


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What I do in EIFID

I run design thinking workshops, take care of creative spirit and marketing communication.


Training Languages

English, Polish