Mirjam Dikken

Business Trainer and Consultant, HR manager

Convinced that she was going to be an engineer, Mirjam got a degree in Chemical Engineering. While she was troubleshooting scrubbers and plastic extruders, she grew more and more fascinated with the human (resources) side of organizations. She moved into HR, consultancy and leadership roles, predominantly in industrial businesses, and obtained a degree in Organizational Psychology plus an Executive MBA. Having lived in India for 3,5 years and worked in several parts of the world, she has considerable international experience.

As senior HR manager, with a solid 20+ years HR experience in different HR fields Mirjam works predominantly as interim HR manager and consultant being determined to contribute positively to the organizational culture, leadership and individual development.

She has worked in all HR fields, such as recruitment, learning & development, payroll, performance management, engagement and rewards & benefits. In several different companies she has managed HR departments from 1 to 12 people, as part of the management team and the primary liaison and negotiator with works councils and unions.

Her executive MBA and degrees in organizational psychology as well as chemical engineering, together with her international experience, enable her to be an all-round sounding board for C-level executives.

She shares her ideas on these topics occasionally through www.kateveerman.com.