Noureddine Erradi

Intercultural Trainer, Consultant, Documentary Maker

Noureddine Erradi was born in Casablanca, Morocco where he studied Arabic, French and English.  In 1983 he went to Paris to study Psychology and literature of the Black Afro-Americans at the Sorbonne University. Noureddine Erradi has been working in the field of Intercultural communications for over 25 years.

In an effort to promote intercultural understanding and dialogue, Mr. Erradi has developed  in 2003 a concept called : Getting out of the comfort zone: our real enemy based on his long working experience with teachers and trainers. He translated this concept into documentaries which are used today as Educational tools. Noureddine is the first Moroccan in Europe to have won more Awards on the Integration issues.

His trainings are based on theory into practice, metaphors and listening skills.

Noureddine Erradi has directed and produced, five documentary films Awarded seven times as best products in the Intercultural communication and Integration fields. In these documentaries, European teachers, administrators, and policy makers participated in simulated integration programs, giving them first-hand knowledge of what it is like to be a newcomer in a European country, in a new different culture.

These prices are:

  1. The European Quality Label Price
  2. The Grundtvig Award 2008
  3. Best Practice Award for The year of Innovation and Creativity launched by The European Commission
  4. Best Innovative European Product National Agency in Turkey
  5. Best Practice Award In Keeping on Track European Projects
  6. The European Parliament for best European projects
  7. The best European tool in The Netherlands

The Ministry of Integration in The Netherlands has introduced his concept and documentaries to The Minister cabinet and to their advisors in the 53 Communities. The documentaries are used today by more than 950 European organizations and schools.