Rama Saidani


I’m in my twenties, I grew up in France ( Normandy ), I come from a mixed background (my father is Algerian, my mother is French), as a Muslim i also experienced being part of a minority group in a complicated environment, it definitely taught me a lot, shaped who I am today, and motivated me to consider a career contributing to coexistence and understanding between individuals and communities.

I spent a summer in Beijing, working at a cultural exchange centre as a marketing intern.

I have been living in Wales since 2013, I first came as a student with the Erasmus programme and then I stayed and worked.

I worked in a contact centre as a coach/emerging trainer where I absolutely loved the energy, designing ice breakers, engaging with the learners… I then worked in operations for an international company selling cash management solutions worldwide. Currently I’m working from home developing my intercultural skills to the best of my abilities to become a great intercultural trainer in the near future.