Train the Intercultural Trainer Intensive Program



For whom is the Train the Intercultural Trainer Intensive online?

  • For upcoming Intercultural Trainer and/or Coaches, who want to get paid for delivering intercultural trainings on-site and online
  • For all, who want to add intercultural communication to their portfolio
  • For those, who are already working in the intercultural field without prior participation in a structured IC training program for trainers
  • For those, who are seeking a career in HR development, career management or other fields related to working with people from various cultures
  • Academic lecturers looking to teach intercultural communication to students and faculty



The online training offers 12 days of training in 12 modules of each 3 hours. We are covering all the train-the-trainer topics with the overlaying content of  “Intercultural Communication” you need to know, when working with people from various cultures. You will walk away with the knowledge on how to prepare, deliver and evaluate an Intercultural Training for your Clients.

Joining our training allows for amore in-depths grasp of topics such as group dynamics, training methods & methodologies, training styles, as well as evaluation & feedback! We will prepare you to work with Clients on-site as well as online. 



What Clients say about the Course

  • The TTIT from EIFID is THE program to choose if you want to gain a diverse set of skills & tools and get new ideas & insights to develop your own intercultural trainings. You benefit from best practices of experienced experts and learn tips & tricks to become a great trainer yourself. One of the best things about it: It’s not ending after the weeks of training are over, it’s beginning! With you becoming part of a global community of intercultural experts. Isabelle Roske


  • Joining TTIT with EIFID was by far the best investment this year. Not only the training content is packed with knowledge and useful tools for your professional development as an intercultural trainer, but it also allows you to learn from a very diverse team of professionals. The fact that the trainers team all come from different backgrounds and all have working experience in various sectors only add value to these 6 weeks. Elena Turlaeva


  • Train the Intercultural Trainer is a fabulous way to ground your intercultural knowledge and explore best practice in delivering an authentic, effective training. I was tuning in, online from New Zealand, this gave me a unique lens to experience this training from. I had been concerned that their would be a eurocentric approach taken during this training, however I was encouraged by the breadth of experience both trainers and other participants had. I would recommend this training to anyone who was keen to step out into the filed of ICC training or is interested in the Intercultural Development field of study. I come from a Community Development and Human Rights Advocacy background and I found that I could take knowledge, usually used in international business settings and apply it to my work, with notable success. This training is very well organized, and as an online training I was really impressed at how the team were able to deliver such engaging classes. Sarah Macdonald



October 26 @ 18:00 – December 3 @ 21:00, 2020


Every Monday & Thursday from 6:00pm till 9:00pm Amsterdam Time (CET).

Please check our calendar for additional program dates.



  • 1.697,00 Euro (excl. BTW) – one payment, or
  • 1.797,00 Euro (excl. BtW) – payment in two installments of each 898,50,00 Euro (excl. BtW).
    Do you need a different payment plan? Please contact us for more information:


What is included in the certification process?

  • 12 training modules
  • Additional modules on modern technology tools and how to use them when working with groups online
  • Course materials
  • Ready to use layouts
  • Training examples
  • Toolbox full of exercises
  • Tips how to start
  • Motivation & business challenges to move in your career
  • A lot of practical advices from advanced practitioners!
  • Certificate!


  • One month online course challenge to start your first training online (value 497,00 Euro) – when completed the registration process 30 days before the start of the TTIT
  • Bonuses: 5% discount coupon for any future course by the tutor for the next 1 year



Jana Hollá

Henning Zorn

Barbara Bartczak

Andreas Hauser

Karolina Koszałka

Ireneusz Zyzański

Ewa Tomczak



Frequently asked questions:

  • How does the program look like? We meet twice a week at schedule time (please see training schedule). We will be using virtual learning platforms to follow the program. You don’t need to know the platform functions in advance. You will be learning it on the way.
  • I don’t have the motivation to work online myself. How can I motivate myself to go along with the program? Participants and Trainers are meeting regularly on given dates and times. The TTIT Intensive Online Program is not a program for self-learning, but learning together in the class. The Participants meet with the Trainers in real time. This allows you to be fully present, being active, asking questions, etc. 
  • I don’t like working online and would like to wait for an offline course. Waiting for the offline course can be a long process. We will be (maybe) able to start planning our TTIT on-site programs in 2021. Given the circumstances there is not 100% certainty, that the offline program will continue.
  • I don’t feel comfortable working within a group. Is an individual track possible? Yes, an individual learning process is possible. Please do contact us via email to discuss your needs: 
  • I don’t want to invest in education right now. If you don’t invest in yourself right now, how would you expect others to invest in you?
  • What is the difference in the content between offline and online TTIT? The content will be enriched with tools and knowledge about online learning, so Participants are ready and enabled to work with their Clients both ways – offline and online. 
  • How long do I have access to the content? You can review the content for 12 months after the course ends.
  • I want to participate in the MIC and the TTIT Intensive Course. What else do I need to learn? Do you recommend any other course or additional school to attend? After both courses you are fully prepared to run your own groups. What you need is to start practicing. 
  • Is there an option to meet f2f after the TTIT Online Program? Yes, there will be the possibility given. For our Alumni, we do plan a MasterMind Weekend (additionally paid). The detailed content will be made available before the start of the program. 
  • Can I pay in tranches? Yes, there is the possibility to pay in two tranches. 
  • The program is too expensive for me. Depending on where you are based, the investment in the TTIT is equivalent to 1-4 days of working as an Intercultural Trainer. By not being aware of this, you need to start exploring the Intercultural Field at the very beginning. Please check our Mastering Intercultural Communication Online Program



TTIT Intensive Program online


Listen to our Alumnis



What are the benefits of TTIT?

For You

  • You´ll improve your knowledge of the key conceptual frameworks of the intercultural field
  • You´ll gain deeper insights into how cultural values influence attitude and behaviour
  • You´ll get deeper awareness of your own values and biases
  • You´ll gain greater understanding of your strengths as a trainer and areas for development
  • You´ll learn to incorporate intercultural elements into your own areas of training
  • You´ll design different types of intercultural training courses and will practice delivering them
  • You´ll be provided with training techniques and activities
  • You learn in comfortable environment – at home!


For your Organization

  • Strengthening the constructive attitude of employees in the field of international cooperation
  • Increasing of employees´ confidence when in contact with customers from various cultures
  • Improving of the atmosphere and quality of communication and cooperation will help to improve quality and timeliness of tasks, projects and processes
  • Reducing the risk of customer losses and quality decrease resulting from prejudice and intercultural conflicts
  • Creating more awareness for employees on how to use various techniques for better mutual understanding
  • Defining frameworks for recognising and responding to cultural diversity
  • Increasing cross-cultural communication skills and cultural intelligence of employees


Five reasons to join the TTIT



EIFID train the intercultural trainer program is the result of a long way of asking questions and finding answers. All by ourselves. This is why at EIFID we believe, that you do not have to kick the door open. We already did it – that should  be enough. And It’s a waste of your time – if we know the answer, we´ll give it to you.


We focus on your strengths. Everyone is an individual and brings their unique talents to work with people. We teach how to work with your unique strenghts and empower yourself to use them in your own training sessions.


We love feedback. With feedback, we aim to uncover your blind spots in a loving and caring way. And we encourage you to do the same. We believe that feedback enables you to grow much faster as a trainer and as a human being.


We will use conventional and unconventional teaching and learning methods by involving your mind, body, and spirit. They will support you on your way to become aware of yourself and the participants of your trainings. We do not reinvent the wheel. The methods worked very well on us, they will be working on you too.


We care a lot about your development as a human and as a trainer. This is why we take care of the group process – there are always two trainers/facilitators in the room in order for you to benefit from the wide experience of their teaching styles.


If you need more time to make a decision yet you’d like to stay tuned with the latest news about the TTIT, please send an email to

We’d be glad to stay in touch!