Train the Intercultural Trainer Intensive


7 days, 65 hours of training on the spot, webinars, online training and many more


For whom is the Train the Intercultural Trainer Intensive 

  • For those, who want to start as or already started as an intercultural trainer
  • For people, who are already working in the intercultural field without  haven’t been participating in any train the intercultural trainer program before
  • For those, who are seeking a career in HR development, career management or other fields related to working people from various cultures


What are the benefits of TTIT for you?

  • you´ll learn the key conceptual frameworks of the intercultural field
  • you´ll experience how cultures forms an integral part of international communication
  • you´ll practise to define how cultural values influence attitude and behaviour
  • you´ll get deeper awareness of your values and biases
  • you´ll gain greater understanding of your strengths and areas for development
  • you´ll learn to incorporate intercultural elements into your own areas of training
  • you´ll learn about the types of intercultural training
  • you´ll design different types of intercultural training courses
  • you´ll be provided with training techniques and activities for intercultural training
  • you´ll get to know how to use different tools to prepare and to evaluate the success of intercultural training


For your Organization

  • Strengthening the constructive attitude of employees in the field of international cooperation
  • Increasing of employees confidence in contact with customers from various cultures
  • Improving of atmosphere and quality of communication and cooperation will help to improve quality and timeliness of tasks, projects and processes
  • Reducing the risk of customer losses, quality decrease resulting from prejudice and intercultural conflicts
  • Creating more awareness for employees how to use various techniques for creating better mutual understanding
  • Defining frameworks for recognising and responding to cultural diversity
  • Increasin in cross-cultural communication skills and cultural intelligence of employees


How does the TTIT structure look like?

The Train the Intercultural Trainer Intensive (TTIT) is the basic course for beginners and middle advanced trainers. It contains seven days which will provide you the essentials for your professionalization as an intercultural trainer. Detailed program will be delivered to the Participants before the TTIT Intensive Program.




  • regular price – 2 920,00 Euro (excl. BTW for Companies/ incl. BTW for Individuals)

Please note: travel, accommodation, health insurance, subsistence expenses, and costs for visa are not included.



Please check our calendar for upcoming trainings.

November 16-22nd, 2019 – Amsterdam (registration open)
February 23 – March 1, 2019 – Kraków (registration closed)
November 17-23, 2018 – Amsterdam (registration closed)
August 25-31, 2018 – Amsterdam (registration closed)



Barbara Bartczak

Jana Jana Hollá

Henning Zorn


Five reasons to join the TTIT


EIFID train the intercultural trainer program is the result of a long way of asking questions and finding answers. All by ourselves. This is why at EIFID we believe, that you do not have to kick the door open. We already did it – that should  be enough. And It’s a waste of your time – if we know the answer, we´ll give it to you.


We focus on your strengths. Everyone is an individual and brings his / her unique talents to work with people. We teach how to work with them and empower yourself to use them in your own training sessions.


We love feedback. With feedback, we aim for uncovering your blind spots in a loving and caring way. And we encourage you to do the same. We believe that feedback enables you to grow much faster as a trainer and as a human being.


We will use conventional and unconventional teaching and learning methods by involving your mind, body, and spirit. They will support you on your way to become aware of yourself and the participants of your trainings. We do not reinvent the wheel. The methods worked very well on us, they will be working on you too.


We care a lot about your development as a human and as a trainer. This is why we take care of the group process – there are always two trainers/facilitators in the group room in order for you to benefit from the wide experience of how they teaching styles are.




If you need more time to make a decision yet you’d like to stay tuned with the latest news about the TTIT, please send an email to We’d be glad to stay in touch!