Trends in Intercultural Training. Where are we going next?

We are very excited to announce a webinar with Nicole Barile as Guestspeaker! Join us in October, 9th at 6PM CET. The webinar is free of charge. Registrations available here.

About the Webinar
The future of work is here – and it’s global. No matter your industry, your role, or where you work, you will be interacting with people from other cultures, even if you never leave home. Intercultural training is needed more than ever, but it needs to adapt. Technology is shaping how we work, and it’s shaping how we learn. People want lifelong, continuous learning that is meaningful. Traditional approaches to intercultural learning will need to make way for new solutions as technology advances. Find out what trends are shaping the next generation of intercultural training.

About the Presenter
Nicole Barile is an Intercultural Consultant and Trainer with over 15 years of experience helping companies and individuals improve business communications across cultures. She works closely with executives at Fortune 500 companies to create globally-minded leaders and organizations, facilitating their success around the globe. Nicole also consults with organizations looking to create, refine, and optimize their cultural diversity programs.
Previously, Nicole worked as Executive Director of an intercultural consulting firm in New York City for 10 years before relocating to Cleveland, Ohio to head up the intercultural training division at another firm. She has traveled to over 40 countries, has worked with individuals from over 100 nations, and speaks conversational Portuguese and Spanish. Her BA is in Global Economics, and she received her MA in Intercultural Relations. Nicole is a regular presenter, speaker, and writer on the topics of cultural awareness, cultural intelligence, doing business across borders, and working on multicultural teams.
Her passion lies in innovation and problem-solving, focusing on creative ideas and processes that improve communications across the globe.
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