World Refugee Day (20 June) – Different pasts, shared future

A refugee is a person who, as opposed to expatriates or travellers, was forced to cross national borders. The number of refugees re-settling in Europe has recently reached an all-time high. Nearly one in a hundred people had to flee their home due to political climate or war. If we add to that climate and economic hardships, it is easy to imagine how many refugees there are.

In addition to challenges related to living to another country (language, integration, potential culture shock…), refugees have to face public perception. Changes always need time. In order to change perspectives and raise awareness on the positive contribution refugees make in their host societies, Refugee Week  introduced to the public seven simple acts that can be made in order to support the process of raising awareness. 


  1. Share a story! On , there is different stories you can read and share with those around you, helping people understand the experience and challenges of a displaced person.
  2. Find out who you really are! Most of us will be surprised to find that at least one of their ancestors left their place of birth, in what circumstances? Where and how? Enquire and research, we’d be glad to read what you find!
  3. Share a dish. A list of great dishes inspired by refugees has been published on Let’s get cooking and most importantly, savouring! Share pictures – we will be happy if you send us few:)
  4. Feel the beat. A musical break in the middle of the day, a little bit of melody whilst you get ready in the mornings? Refugee week has put together a playlist for you to listen and share!
  5. Educate yourself and people around you with refugees related facts ! A lot of useful links have been put up on 
  6. Write a poem! With their “Families together” campaign, Amnesty International UK has asked all of us to contribute a write a poem around the theme of family. Here are all the necessary information
  7. Join the movement! Last but not least, find out what can be done and what needs to be done in your local area, get involved, make a difference!

PS. Refugee Week always takes place in the week closest to World Refugee Day (20 June).