Ease your Way into your French Working Life with Sarah Leibovitz-Dambre 

Have you heard of the “Paris Syndrome”? This deep sense of disappointment exhibited by some individuals visiting the French capital when discovering that their idealized expectations aren’t met? My workshop is about how to bypass the effects of a larger phenomenon we could call the “French syndrome” (i.e., a severe form of culture shock in response to France in general and its working culture).  

You have never heard of a “French syndrome”? And you don’t see how you could fall prey to this one as you’ve been relocated in the idyllic and laid-back south of France AND you’ve read somewhere that the French have work-life balance down. 

Don’t get me wrong! Working with the French is usually a wonderful experience provided you know a few things about power and group dynamics, communication and socializing styles in the French workplace. Wherever you land in France, my advice to you is to come prepared!   


Target group 

This workshop is for everyone who wants to gain a keen understanding of how to build successful relations and thrive in a French professional or business environment. 


Learning objectives: 

During the workshop you will:

  • Recognize your own expectations and the values (personal & cultural) behind them 
  • Identify the cultural differences that inform power and team dynamics and communication habits in France in general
  • Learn practical tips to reconcile your differences with those of the French company you have joined


About the Trainer

Sarah Leibovitz-Dambre is a French national, who spent over 15 years living and working in the US and the UK. On a daily basis, she works with culturally diverse teams conducting cultural awareness workshops and teaching English and French as a foreign language for well-established training centers and graduate programs on the French Riviera.

Among her clients/trainees are young professionals preparing for their internships or relocations abroad, as well as recent expatriates working for the High-tech companies of Sophia-Antipolis science and technology park and the perfume and aromas companies of Grasse.  Sarah has 18 years of experience in teaching and training. 


Date & time: 

3rd of June 2021, 5 – 7:30 pm 



This workshop is FREE of charge, nevertheless in exchange we will be asking you to deliver an honest and constructive feedback by the end of the session.


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