Barbara Bartczak

Head of the Train the Intercultural Trainer Program

On regular basis Barbara is living and working in the Netherlands, in the beautiful city of Amsterdam. She has 15 years of experience in conducting intercultural trainings aimed at supporting managers from all over the world to improve their efficiency in international cooperation. Her training methods are combined in a way, which supports the balance of body, mind and spirit.

Being Head of the Train the Intercultural Trainer Intensive Programs in The European Institute for Intercultural Development, she supports the next generation of intercultural trainers and coaches in their successful development.

Barbara has provided intercultural and communication trainings in Poland, Germany, Netherlands, India, Thailand and Singapore. She has authored publications on intercultural communication and business series of articles on cross-cultural differences. She is honorable member and a co-founder of the Polish branch of the Society for Intercultural Education, Training and Research.

Barbara holds a PhD in German Culture and Literature from the University of Wroclaw and an expert degree in Organizational and Managerial Communication of Central Connecticut State University New Britain, Connecticut and Center for Excellence Wroclaw University of Technology. She is interested in human psychology and in coaching. Barbara is student of the last year of the Therapist Training in the Humaniversity©.

“Where the comfort zone ends, the real learning begins” – this is the life sentence of Barbara.

Training languages: English, German, Polish.

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