Reflections after the Akashic Records Workshop on Intuition ?

On the 15th and 16th October 2022 EIFID has been hosting an Akashic Records workshop. This event was a little bit different than what Clients know from EIFID. So far, our events focused mostly on business, and were about raising effectiveness and awareness around diversity, equity, and inclusion. Few modules would include meditation techniques or/ and awareness activities.

A training focusing purely and only on connecting with intuition and listening to the voice of the heart and the inner wisdom was a completely fresh territory. It was honouring the World Mental Health Day and the fact, that in the current times more people are looking for deeper sense and meaning. And these come with the way of the heart.

It is challenging to give an exact description of what the Akashic Records are exactly, especially when coming from and working with business. What I can tell you is that it is a great tool for balancing and finding a deeper meaning in sometimes meaningless situations or the environment. It gives strength and deeper purpose and this not only to the person who is read, but also to those, who are reading. It is a great tool for coaches, trainers, and facilitators.

We all had a blast learning how to connect, read, tune in with the universal knowledge. Connecting with a higher energy is beautiful, and so was the environment. And a good measure of how the weekend was is the time that was passing by very quickly.


What the Participants said about the training:


  • ‘What I learned is how to connect with my heart and how to connect with the language of the universe. Be open and discover yourself – it will provide you with very useful information about the life questions you have at the moment.’


  • ‘I loved the Akashic Records workshop. It was beyond my expectations. I made a lot of sense what has been told to me and also it was very good experiencing how you can channel quiet easily. I recommend the workshop highly because it is an easy way to have a different kind of information tap for the things that you do not have answers to yet.’


Being the head of EIFID I am extremely grateful to myself for having done this amazing big step of introducing heart and soul work. I am grateful to the participants who trusted us and made this step with us, as well to the trainer, who guided the participants lovingly through the weekend. Thank you.

Now there is time for practicing – until the end of the year you can book a FREE session with me and get a reading in the spirit of the Akashic Records. You can contact me by filling out the form below ??

PS. And I have good news for those of you, who would like to take part in the Akashic Record training. On the 22nd and 23rd of April 2023 EIFID is hosting the workshop in Amsterdam again. You can register directly and benefit from the super early bird price of 220 Euro incl. 21% VAT. The price will change by the end of December 2022 ?? REGISTER SUPER EARLY BIRD ??

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