The Intercultural Bridge Concept. And how to apply it through effective communication

Effective communication skills are critical tools while navigating through multicultural interactions and cooperation. Communication is the basis for everything and can improve living and working together. Lack of effective communication, on the other side, is the cause of loss on many levels – relations, time, and money.

This upcoming workshop will help you understand your intercultural communication style and practice to raise your communication skills to the next level. Besides this, this workshop is an excellent opportunity to meet with internationals who share an interest in the field and are willing to exchange ideas on how to bring us together in the global world we are living in.


Learning objectives:

  1. The participants will get information, sources and support in learning about intercultural patterns, which will help them adapt to a new culture.
  2. During three hours session, you will learn more about cultural dimensions, the main patterns in cultural differences and how to communicate constructively for better understanding and create more inclusive teams.
  3. Introduction to Intercultural Bridge Concept training will help you understand the value of building multicultural relations and the importance of effective communication.


For whom is this workshop especially?

  • This training is for everyone seeking answers on how to adapt to a diverse environment through best communication practices. You can apply findings in your workplace and international business.


Date and time:

21st June 2023 | 6:00 pm – 9:00 pm Amsterdam time



This workshop is held on Zoom. Please follow the link to register>


About the trainer:

Beata van Velzen is an internationally experienced professional who recently started her own consulting company to fulfil her dream and help people worldwide connect and build successful teams through reliable relations.

Born and raised in Poland with many years in the UK, Beata moved to the Netherlands 10 years ago to live with her Dutch family. She had many opportunities to see how culture impacts everyday life and changes her perspective on how she lives and works.

Now running her own company, she shares her knowledge and supports teams and individuals in the cross-cultural adaptation process. Beata’s primary goal is to help people reconnect and engage in team building by learning effective communication and diversity inclusion.



This 3 hours workshop is FREE of charge; nevertheless, in exchange, we will ask you to deliver honest and constructive feedback by the end of the session.

Please note that recordings of this workshop will not be available.