Welcome to the Workshop – “Boost your China business” with Isabelle Roske

Boost your China business. A practical online workshop for improved communication with the Chinese business partners.


About the workshop:

This online workshop will look at cultural characteristics of mainland China and cover common aspects like individualism vs. collectivism, the Chinese concept of “mianzi” (face), high-context vs. low-context communication and the desire to please. Participants will benefit from expert insights into Chinese business culture and gain a practical understanding of essential concepts in communicating with Chinese business partners. The workshop will take place via ZOOM.


This workshop is for you, if… 

  • Your business is expanding to China
  • You’re collaborating with Chinese companies
  • You’re professionally or personally involved with China


During the workshop you will: 

  • Deepen your understanding about the Chinese culture
  • Grasp potential pitfalls in intercultural settings
  • Enhance your skills to efficiently interact with your Chinese partners


About the Facilitator:

Isabelle Roske is a trainer and facilitator actively working to promote intercultural understanding and exchange between China and Germany. Originally from Berlin, she has lived, studied and worked in China for more than 4 years and spent several months in India and Mongolia.

She holds a Bachelor in East Asian Studies, a Master in International Business and a certificate for intercultural training from the European Institute for Intercultural Development. For her academic studies, Isabelle Roske has received scholarships from German Academic Exchange Council (DAAD) and China Scholarship Council (CSC) as well as prizes in Chinese language competitions. In 2019, she was chosen for the Visiting Programme for Young Sinologists sponsored by China’s Ministry of Culture and Tourism and Shanghai Academy of Social Sciences.

Previously, Isabelle Roske has worked with clients from China, Germany, India and Russia from varying backgrounds. On a daily basis, Isabelle enjoys cooking all kinds of cuisines, swimming in the ocean or lake, taking a walk with friends and checking out art places.


Date and time:

Friday, 18th June 2021,

1 pm – 3:30 pm Amsterdam time



This workshop is FREE of charge.


Places / Spots

We are mainly inviting Participants, who have:

  • previous experience with East Asia and intercultural environments
  • proven interest to learn more about the Chinese culture
  • future business plans / cooperation / projects with or in the PRC


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Isabelle Roske