Free Q & A Webinar. Learn about the Intercultural Profession

We are happy to start the New Year with a new and fresh webinar series. Join the first webinar “Free Q & A Webinar. Learn about the Intercultural Profession”, which takes place in February, 20th 2019  at 6:30PM CET and will be moderated by Barbara Bartczak. During this one hour long webinar you will have the possibility to ASK YOUR questions and GET ANSWERS. Sign in and join the FREE webinar >>

Many, many years ago, when I was starting my adventure as intercultural trainer, I was doing many things intuitively. I must honestly say, that I even wasn´t sure, if the profession is something I could really do and if I could be good at it. For some reason it was difficult for me to ask for support, my questions appeared to me as shallow, so how could I ask my older and more experienced colleagues? I was digging my way through more or less alone.

Looking back, I can say, that this time – although it was full of insecurities – taught me a lot. And today I´m open to share my knowledge and skills with those, who are AT THE BEGINNING OF THEIR WAY and struggling with questions exactly in the way as I was doing.