It’s never too late to be the person you want to be. Our free download for December

December is for me since always a month of going in and looking back on what happened during the year. I like to evaluate my actions and especially the my feelings and insights connected to them.

“At this time of the year everything – including your own system – slows down, a time of hibernation is approaching. I have learned to love this period. It is rewarding, it is appreciative towards oneself, it is calming.”

This year I started slowing down by the end of October. I did it on purpose since I felt overwhelmed by the current health crisis, the light speed of information coming in and going out and the lack of hmmm… holistic rest. Do you recognize that as well? 

Here I must say, I was not always paying attention to how I feel and what I need. For many years I was happily rushing through life, being busy, working, traveling, meeting people, being constantly in motion. And this was also exciting 🙂 I loved it with all my heart. Do you recognize that as well? 

Well, regardless of where you are at – slowing down or rushing – I have a gift that I love to pass on to you. I have prepared a notebook which I believe can be a beautiful and soft guideline on your way into 2021.

What will you find inside? A few questions that I invite you to answer. And that’s it. Discovering of what you wish for, what you want to stop with, what has been and what will come.

Wishing you a beautiful discovery and plenty of insights.



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