Akashic Records. Experiential training on INTUITION

Reading of Akashic Records is a technique, which gives an opportunity to access the Field of Information and get the answers to some vital questions, to re-establish the connection with your Inner-Voice, and make decisions from your heart. In this space everything makes sense, even our biggest drawbacks, as they have the mission of showing us how to act, and to explain us why we are in that situation. All this is written and recorded in the Akashic Records that are called The Book of the Soul, or The Book of Wisdom.

The Akashic Records are not only a technique to get information, they also provide us with information that we do not expected to find and that is actually the main reason why we have come in this time to this place. If we follow it, we can find the stability and happiness that we have come to live, the perfect harmony. It is pure magic, because living is a miracle, because we have come to experience a great adventure, and we have the opportunity and the duty that it is an enjoyment for us, full of moments of happiness. We have been given this great tool that are the Akashic Records.


In the 2 days workshop you will be lovingly guided towards learning various techniques how to connect and read Akashic Records.

Join us in the training and learn how to LISTEN to your inner voice
and to ACCESS the inner WISDOM.


General information:

This training is happening offline (face to face) on the 15 – 16th October 2022 | 10 am – 7:00 pm (incl. 1 hour lunch break) in Amsterdam.

Exact location will be shared with the participants 30 days before the training. The training will be held in English.


Who is the facilitator?

Noemi Lazaro (Nartan) is an International Trainer of Akashic Reading. Therapist and breathwork practitioner. More information about the Facilitator < here>.

ATTENTION: All registered participants can book an Akashic Reading session with the trainer prior to the workshop for a discounted price of 60 Euro/hour.


Follow the link to listen to a short discussion about the Akashic Records and get more ideas about the training, the benefits, and the methodology.


What are the benefits?

During the training you will be lovingly guided through the know-how of how to access Akashic Records .You will learn how to:

  1. Connect with your intuition and how to LISTEN TO the voice of your heart and your inner wisdom
  2. Access the Field of Information to access (the) YOUR own records and the records of OTHERS

As a result you will be able to access the joy of the heart and enjoy your life more. Also, by improving the communication with your heart you will enjoy MORE AND WILL SUFFER/EXPERIENCE much less mental stress.


How much do I pay?

  • 220,00 Euro (incl. 21% VAT)

The fee includes a handout, a certificate and small refreshments during training.

We require 50 Euro pre-payment as reservation of the spot for this training. The second instalment needs to be completed by September 16th 2022.


How do I register?

You will be invited to pay the first instalment of 50 Euro. You will get a notice to pay the remaining amount approx. 30 days before the start of the training.

Attention: The link remains ACTIVE as long as there are seats AVAILABLE for this training. Once they are all taken, the link to the payment will disappear, and the registration will be considered closed.

To register for the training follow this link or the QR code.




You can also make a seat reservation via PayPal.





  • Will I get my 50 Euro back, if I cannot participate in the training?

Yes, your money will come back to you if you cancel your participation one month before the start of the training. There might be a little manipulation charges for the transfer only. You will get 25,00 Euro back, should you cancel two weeks before the training. Should you do it less than two weeks before the start of the training we will keep the instalment.

  • Will there will be lunch during the training?

Yes, you will have the possibility of buying lunch on the spot, or let lunch be delivered.

  • What do I need to bring?

Please bring WHITE loose and comfortable clothes, water bottle is always nice to have, something to write and your notebook.


Still open questions?

Please send them to contact@eifid.com and we will get back to you as soon as possible 🙂