How Corona affects my business. 7 topics which occupy me in this time of shutdown

Business owners are ringing alarm bells! Business is rapidly sinking, priorities shifting and plans postponing. Plenty of them are facing a crisis NOW. And NOW seams to be just a beginning of what will come later. Every CEO has plenty challenges to face and many hopes to work towards in the coming time. Here are 7 topics which occupy me in this time of shutdown.

Cancellation of contracts

I look at my calendar and what do I see? Absolutely nothing! Because all the planned on-site activities got cancelled. Training, coaching, counselling… you name it. Some by my clients, some by me. In these times people are afraid of coming together in larger groups. And I completely understand it – I do feel the same way.  What to do next? Give priority to the online sessions! Easy, right? Well, almost…

Changing format from On-site to Online

Yes, I am the CEO of the European Institute for Intercultural Development – a company providing global leadership development processes for individuals and companies. Together with my team we have planned to schedule the first online edition of our most selling Train the Intercultural Trainer Intensive Program in Autumn, but under the circumstances, we decided to do it NOW! We are ready to move on with participants, who want to skill up right NOW and be ready for the future. Good, right?

What it meant for me personally? Well, since we are still a young company, and everyone has plenty of things to do already, that is why most of the NOW work is on my side. Nowadays not only the program content, but often the website, promotion, even contact with our new graphic designers to deliver NOW the right size of needed graphics. Nice… I am busy.

Catching up with all the online experts

In just two days everyone became an online expert. The overwhelming amount of advices, good practices, articles about do’s and don’ts is stressing me out and leaving with a big question: Where am I in all of this? I am working online with groups and individuals since 2009 and still a little panic is coming up, because I simply don’t have much space left for working towards an online omnipresence! How do people do that NOW? Have they nothing else to do?

Relationship management – simply connecting

More than ever I see the need of connecting and checking on people, whom I do work with. Asking how they feel, what they need, what they are going through. Strong relationship management naturally became NOW part of my daily routine. And I love it!

Cancellation of congresses… and flights

Those of you who know me, know that networking in groups bigger than 50 people is a challenge for me. As a person, who senses a lot, who works naturally with group dynamics, I am at my greatest within groups consisting of max. 20 people. By the end of the past year, I bravely decided to make 2020 the year of networking experience. Seems to be a nice challenge, right?

I booked a flight to Thailand and registered for a big, juicy conference;) Prepared like that I was as much looking forward to my presentation and the networking part, as to the few days on the beach afterwards. Well… by February the conference got cancelled and together with it disappeared the possibility to share my presentation as well as to practice my networking skills in Thailand. Not mentioning the beach. Because not only NOW, but constantly things are working out for me, I managed to cancel my flight and get a total refund for my flight. Good!

Constantly thinking about my health

Last, but not least let’s look at my health. My health is part of my business. However healthy I and my family want to stay and whatever measures I have undertaken to do so, my husband still goes out for work. At his office people still work on-site and there are no signs of letting them do home-office. That translates into meetings with colleagues, who have partners and kids and who knows if they are sick or not. Constant tension about who he met and if the person was ok or not is keeping myself NOW busy. Relaxation is not part of this game.

New Clients

And last, but not least few very crucial questions: “How can I acquire new clients?”, “Does my business offer for a while only B2C solutions or do we address companies as well?”, “How do we do that?”, “How do I become visible in the everyday thicker network of online experts?” – all those questions are constantly hammering in my CEO-head. One is sure – the fact that we do provide a very profound service is a big asset. But is it enough NOW?

Somehow, in the middle of all these above, I made an internal decision to focus on my NOW priorities and work towards them with the believe, that at the end of it all of us can say – NOW we WON.