Are you looking for an intercultural training which provides you with deep cultural awareness, improves your intercultural competence and gives you both professional and personal boost? Come and join us!


Living and working across cultures – enhancing your cross-cultural skill-set


For whom?

The course will be of a benefit if…

  • Your organisation is growing its business beyond national borders
  • You and your staff are increasingly working with colleagues in other countries
  • Your staff is becoming more culturally diverse
  • You are involved in multinational projects and programs


intercultural training european institute for intercultural development



  • Cultural values and attitudes (time, space, group dynamics, authority, tasks, relationships)
  • What is cultural awareness?
  • Communication styles
  • Cross-cultural management skills
  • Working together across cultures
  • Developing cultural awareness
  • Language issues
  • Tips and strategies for specific countries


Benefits for you

  • In-depth cultural awareness and understanding of the impact of cultural differences
  • The necessary foundation and tools to become culturally competent
  • A better understanding of the cultural challenges facing multicultural workplaces
  • The opportunity to enhance cultural sensitivity and competence
  • Practical tools to reduce cross-cultural misunderstanding and encourage positive cross-cultural working relationships


Benefits for your organization

  • Strengthening the constructive attitude of employees in the field of international cooperation
  • Increasing of employees confidence in contact with customers from various cultures
  • Improving of atmosphere and quality of communication and cooperation will help to improve quality and timeliness of tasks, projects and processes
  • Reducing the risk of customer losses, quality decrease resulting from prejudice and intercultural conflicts
  • Creating more awareness for employees how to use various techniques for creating better mutual understanding



  • regular price – 520 Euro
  • early bird – 420 Euro (payable till December 31, 2018)


The tuition fee covers

  • 2 days training
  • course materials
  • coffee, tea and snacks during the breaks

Please note: travel, accommodation, health insurance, subsistence expenses, and costs for visa are not included.
Due to reasons of legal duties of supervision and responsibilities you need to be at least 18 years old to participate in the IT.



February 23-24, 2019 – Kraków >> Registration >>

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November 17-18, 2018, Amsterdam (registration closed)
August 25-26, 2018, Amsterdam (registration closed)




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