Talent and Performance Management in Different Cultures

What to Consider & How to Equip Yourself to Better Support Your Employees – by Lucia Bernabei.


About the workshop:

In this workshop you will learn how culture affects talent & performance management. You will be provided ‘tools’ to improve your leadership style and ability to manage employees who come from diverse cultural backgrounds. 


Who is this workshop for?

The workshop is addressed to professionals who work within international and inter-cultural settings. Specifically, it is designed for people managers as well as HR professionals who support leaders to achieve business goals. The workshop will be delivered via Zoom in a workshop format designed to generate an interactive environment where the trainer acts as a coach and facilitator throughout a process created and developed together with other participants.


In the workshop you will:

  1. Identify & Assess the level of your cultural competence 
  2. Learn potential cultural factors that influence the relationship with your employees 
  3. Learn areas that lead to cultural diversity and identify potential changes you may apply in your organization 


At the end of the workshop, you will be equipped with:

(1) introductory theories within the intercultural field;

(2) practical guidelines to achieve better results as a people manager within an IC setting;

(3) cheat sheets to help you navigate future intercultural ‘encounters’ and dialogues. 


About the Trainer:

The session will be led by Lucia Bernabei.

  • Originally from Italy, currently based in UK since Oct 2019 – I work as a HR Rep
  • Lived in Poland for 7 years, where I’ve studied and worked (corporate and multinational environment) 
  • BA in Political Science, MA in Diplomacy & Intercultural Studies, Post-Grad in International HR Management, UK certified as Mental Health First Aid 
  • I am the vice-President of SIETAR Poland and one of the Board of Directors of SIETAR Europa
  • I love learning and share my know-how with those who are interested ?



This workshop is FREE of charge, nevertheless in exchange we will be asking you to deliver an honest and constructive feedback by the end of the session.


Date and time:

Friday, 15 June 2021 | 5 pm – 7:30 pm Amsterdam Time (4 pm – 6 pm London Time)


? Please register via the following Link