Understanding the role of culture in customer service – how to deliver better service to intercultural customers?

Globalization has made the world smaller. More and more business started to operate on an international scale and cross border services increase. Some sectors, like the international tourism sector have always been intercultural.  

If you deliver services to multicultural clients, you need good knowledge of some concepts that are perceived differently across cultures Intercultural communication has some extra elements to considerIf you are aware of this, you will not only improve your communications and customer contacts but also give your customers quality service. The intercultural customers will be more satisfied, your customer base will grow, and your company will be more profitable. 

During this workshop you develop intercultural sensitivity and awareness, and you will see the importance of some concepts in your cross-cultural customer relations. This awareness will be the first step in creating an intercultural attitude towards clients from different cultures. You will acquire some cultural knowledge, that will help you understandavoid and resolve some unfortunate cross-cultural customer interactions. 


 For whom is this training? 

This 2,5 hours long FREE workshop is designed for people that work in international customer service and have little previous knowledge about intercultural interactions.  We are especially inviting managers of a service providing company that wants to generate a higher customer satisfaction when dealing with intercultural customers  

  • Customer representatives in a service providing company who want to have better interactions with customers from other cultures.  
  • Freelancers who deliver services to customers from all over the world but struggle with delivering a good intercultural customer service 


What will you learn?

The participants will: 

  • Become more sensitive and aware that culture plays a role in your cross-cultural customer service. 
  • Cultivate an intercultural attitude towards cross cultural customers 
  • Acquire cultural knowledge about some concepts that will help improve their intercultural customer relations 



Maaike Mainali-Knockaert holds a Master’s in Law and a Teaching degree. She has more than 15 years of experience in customer service in diverse sectors, dealing with customers of multiple nationalities. The last 6 years she is managing her own tourism agencyShe trains and educates her employees and freelancers on topics like intercultural awareness, intercultural communication, and customer service. She deals with intercultural travellers and international business partners daily. Most of the year she lives with her family in Kathmandu, Nepal and she spends a fair amount of time in her hometown near Gent, Belgium. 


Date & time: 

18th of May 2021, 5 – 7:30 pm 



This workshop is FREE of charge, nevertheless in exchange we will be asking you to deliver an honest and constructive feedback by the end of the session.


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