Our journey toward becoming an Intercultural Trainer – an interview with Karolina Koszałka


When being in Bangkok, Thailand, in 2020, I connected with Karolina Koszałka to talk about the journey of becoming an Intercultural Trainer. What does it take? How to start? And last, why and how did she choose to work in the Intercultural Field?

Karolina is an intercultural trainer and coach who mostly delivers training for big corporations and works with NGOs and small entrepreneurs. In the interview, Karolina Koszłka advises young trainers to find a field where they feel unique and passionate and to believe in what they do. She believes being an intercultural trainer is worth it because it can change people’s lives and spread the message that we are all equal.

Chapter 1: Introduction to Karolina as an expert in intercultural training and coaching 00:0500:54

Chapter 2: Karolina’s intercultural background and how it led her to become an intercultural trainer 01:0202:33

Chapter 3: Karolina’s journey from organizing events to becoming an independent trainer 03:5004:42

Chapter 4: Advice for young trainers and entrepreneurs interested in the intercultural field 05:1506:05

Chapter 5: Combining passion for traveling with passion for interculturalism 06:1907:46

Chapter 6: Challenges and advantages of being a global intercultural trainer 08:0409:39

Chapter 7: The value and importance of being an intercultural trainer 10:1811:11