Fancy being an Intercultural Trainer? Why aren’t you yet?

Being in the intercultural field for more than 15 years, I worked with many clients in many industries, hosted plenty of events, facilitated a few big mergers, traveled to a lot of places and heard many times this one question “What exactly is your job about?”Over the years I learned to summarize it into one sentence, so people easily get a glimpse of what it actually means to work as an intercultural trainer.


“I encourage people (companies, teams) from various cultural backgrounds to truly understand each other, by giving them (back) the tools to speak, to listen and to act in a meaningful and respectful way.”


But there are many more questions, for example those:

  • Can I work as an intercultural trainer, too?
  • Is what I have to say of value to others?
  • Could I utilize my international experience and earn money with it? 


Do you recognize yourself in one of these? Then this article is for you. It will provide you with insights gaining confidence about the value of your cultural experience.



If one or more of the above is applicable for you, your experience can be of a huge value to others. 

In a matter of fact, you should use your past intercultural experiences to support others on their way. There are many ways what you could do as an Intercultural professional, for example:

  • Supporting expatriates easily adapting to culturally new living and working circumstances
  • Helping families and individuals getting around in their new cultural environment
  • Facilitating international processes of culturally diverse teams, so they can learn to respect each other and work together in an efficient way
  • Supporting teams and individuals negotiating across cultures
  • Teaching leaders to become even better when working with international teams
  • Supporting companies successfully expanding their business to new locations


So what is stopping you from taking action? 


>> Don’t you believe you are the expert?

According to the dictionary an “expert” is someone who is “having, involving, or displaying special skill or knowledge derived from training or experience.” But after many years of working with people I am sure that being an expert is more than that. Being an expert goes along with a combination of experience, training, and the right mindset

In the intercultural field your own experience is very valuable. It is like the foundation of a  house. It stands for your credibility, it is a tool to connect with your peers and later on with your clients. Your experience is your intercultural expertise!


>> Are you waiting for the perfect moment to start?

Believe me when I say there is not such a thing as a perfect moment. It all is a mind game. If you are waiting for you to be ready, for the training to take place in the future, or for the world to become a better place, you are never going to make it. Things are happening with or without you, and the fact that you are not taking action right now means you are not taking YOURSELF seriously. And seriously… Why would anyone else do it?


>> Don’t you know which course to choose?

A solid training gives you the right tools and models to put your expertise in a correct framework. It teaches you the specifics and methodologies of working with people in the intercultural field, it introduces different styles and varying approaches of key theorists to the psychology of learning. Last but not least: It provides the learning and the execution


It is time to start sharing your expertise!

People are waiting for you and your story! At EIFID we are looking forward to supporting you on your way to become an intercultural professional. 

Our Train the Intercultural Trainer Intensive Program is the most comprehensive program on the market, which has been designed for people, who are ready to take action and make their dream of becoming an Intercultural Trainer come true! 

Our Participants come from various fields of expertise: They are working within global companies, they are freelancers, coaches or trainers wanting to expand their portfolio or learning new skills. They are teachers in schools or at universities, or they are simply looking for something new in their life. Yet, they all have one thing in common: They do have an extended background growing up, or living and/or working in a different cultural environment than their own.


Would you like to know how you could benefit from the TTIT? Write an email to to schedule a discovery call. We will get in touch with you!