Focussing your Business

and reach your financial goal in 2023


Live Online Workshop for Entrepreneurs

February 10th, 2023

10:00 AM – 1:00 PM Amsterdam Time


  • Are you an Entrepreneur looking for a solid financial plan for the coming year?
  • Are you asking yourself about how to get your business off the ground?
  • Do you have super powers in achieving, but you are constantly loosing the focus?

Then it´s time to do the math and focus! Join me in the Focus Your Business workshop and work out the structure you need for your business to flourish.


For whom is this workshop?

This program is designed for entrepreneurs, who are ready to treat their business seriously, especially those, who:

  • Want to know what they need to do in order to achieve their goals,
  • Need to have a strategy and a clear goal setting for the year ahead,
  • Are tired of doing many things and see no clear results of their actions!


What are the benefits?

In the three hours workshop you will:

  • Review and clarify your entrepreneurial mindset,
  • Dive in your personal business mission and work on your message to the world,
  • Go over your market and work on your financial plan!


By the end of the workshop you will:

  • Be able to identify the main blockages that keep you away from focusing on your business
  • Feel more secure about the steps you need to take in order to grow your business
  • You will have a clear one year plan to follow


How does the workshop looks like?

The Focus workshop happens via zoom and lasts for 3 hours, incl. a short break.

The session won’t be recorded.

Materials will be send to you before the start of the workshop 🙂


What do Clients say about the workshop?

It was more than worth it! I’m taking clear numbers, plans and goals with me. I know exactly what to do next and feel empowered to go and boost my business. Barbara has a very inclusive, friendly and motivating vibe, that encourages you to foster your personal & professional self as an authentic (female) entrepreneur. I would definitely sign up again. Isabelle Rose – Intercultural Trainer, China Expert

Very informative, fast pace, glimpse of how your should structure your business. Showing you how to be clear of what you want to achieve, step by step. Monika Zampa – Women’s Empowerment Coach

Learn the simplicity of running your own business, in a friendly and supportive environment, from people who have done it for decades with great success. Magdalena Berendt – English Teacher Online

I recommend Focus Your Business workshop with Barbara. It was very informative an practical. Barbara shared her business experience generously – showing different aspects of planning the business during the year. Lots of solid knowledge, numbers and crucial business question. Alicja Wacowska – Yoga Transformation Coach

Are you thinking about your own business? Are you stuck somewhere in the process of developing your business? Just go and focus your business. You will get a lot of practical knowledge, inspiration, you will get a strucutre for our business, clarity on what to do and a huge portion of positive energy! Aleksandra Osko – Intercultural Trainer & Coach


Investment and payment:

97,00 Euro


The payment is your spot reservation.



Why is it important to FOCUS in business?

FOCUS is my leading word for the coming year. It means to be productive, but not overloaded. To have a guiding plan, and to not get distracted by all the “beautiful and interesting” things that come my way, that are not helping my business. It means to know the way, and not be in the need of finding it again and again every single day.

My knowledge and expertise as an Entrepreneur goes 15 years back. 2006 I did start my first company in Poland, a few years later I expanded with my business in Germany. Currently I am running the EIFID Institute in the Netherlands. This unique journey thought me that FOCUS is the main key to achieving results. This is where we all start and this is where I invite you to join me.  – Barbara Bartczak



  • Can I join the workshop when I am at the begin of my entrepreneurial journey? Yes, you can!
  • I am an entrepreneur for a few years already. Is this workshop for me? Definitely!  It does not matter how long you are an entrepreneur.
  • Does this workshop address entrepreneurs working online or offline? This workshop is designed for those entrepreneurs who are looking forward to advance in both.
  • Will I have the recording from the workshop? No, the recording from this workshop will not be shared.