Mastering Intercultural Communication© / MIC©


The first level of the EIFID Train the Intercultural Trainer education program. MIC is the only 8-weeks intercultural online program, especially designed for entrepreneurs who are ready to take action and make their first step into the Intercultual Career.  

  1. EIFID Mastering Intercultural Communication© – online program
  2. EIFID Intercultural Training – 2 days
  3. EIFID Train the Intercultural Trainer Intensive Program© – 5 days


This Course is for you if:

  • You want to start a Career in the Intercultural Field
  • You want to improve your skills as Intercultural Trainer/Coach
  • You want to change your life by stepping into a new field of expertise
  • You want to include Intercultural Communication into your daily work
  • You have an international background and you would like to discover how it influences your life and the life of the people around you
  • If you are moving into a foreign country
  • If you have a partner from another culture
  • You can dedicate one hour daily to your development

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What will you learn?

During the course Mastering Intercultural Communication© you´ll get information about the about core theories, concepts and research from the field Intercultural Communication.

  • Learning about culture. Why and how did cultures evolve?
  • Learning about cultural differences (independent and interdependent self, cultures of honour and cultures of dignity, Schwartz’s cultural values, Hofstede’s cultural dimensions etc., analytic versus holistic thinking, cultural differences in dealing with choice)
  • Defining Cultural Competence
  • Working on intercultural case studies highlightening stereotypes, prejudices and discrimination
  • Learning about the newest trends in the Intercultural Field

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  • 545,00 Euro



July 1st, 2019 – August 23rd, 2019



Barbara Bartczak





Five reasons to join the TTIT


EIFID train the intercultural trainer program is the result of a long way of asking questions and finding answers. All by ourselves. This is why at EIFID we believe, that you do not have to kick the door open. We already did it – that should  be enough. And It’s a waste of your time – if we know the answer, we´ll give it to you.


We focus on your strengths. Everyone is an individual and brings his / her unique talents to work with people. We teach how to work with them and empower yourself to use them in your own training sessions.


We love feedback. With feedback, we aim for uncovering your blind spots in a loving and caring way. And we encourage you to do the same. We believe that feedback enables you to grow much faster as a trainer and as a human being.


We will use conventional and unconventional teaching and learning methods by involving your mind, body, and spirit. They will support you on your way to become aware of yourself and the participants of your trainings. We do not reinvent the wheel. The methods worked very well on us, they will be working on you too.


We care a lot about your development as a human and as a trainer. This is why we take care of the group process – there are always two trainers/facilitators in the group room in order for you to benefit from the wide experience of how they teaching styles are.