Mastering Intercultural Communication© / MIC©


8 weeks to get a kick-off in Intercultural Communication



MIC is the only 8-weeks intercultural online program, especially designed for entrepreneurs who are ready to take action and make their first step into the Intercultural Career. During this online course lasting for 8 weeks, you’ll get to know solid basic of Intercultural Communication and Intercultural Competence topics, relevant to become active in the Intercultural Field. You will plan and make your first steps in the Field and take a deeper look into your mission and vision as an Intercultural Professional, so that you become more certain about your next actions.



This Course is for you if You:

  • Plan to step into the Intercultural Field making SMART steps
  • Want to gain new skills and knowledge
  • Are ready dedicate 3 hours weekly to your development



What will you learn?

During the course Mastering Intercultural Communication© you´ll get information about the core theories, main concepts and research from the field Intercultural Communication. You will e.g.:

  • Learn about cultural models and cultural encounters
  • Practice and sharpen your own cultural competence
  • Work on intercultural case studies

You will also:

  • Look for your personal WHY…
  • Become visible while preparing and delivering your own webinar for a wider audience
  • Get noticed by writing an article and publishing it with EIFID



What Clients say about the MIC Course


I definitely recommend this course because it is highly interactive and provides you with practical tools that can be used in the professional work as well. I was motivated throughout the whole course and even sad it ended! You are pushed to think about yourself, your culture and observe others better, as well as to produce content that can be used for your training! I love that Barbara promotes conversation between the participants, which also is intercultural training since we all come from very diverse backgrounds. We were asked to hold a webinar, which was scary at first but was and amazing experience and definitely useful if you want to be/are a coach. Anna Friberg


I could not recommend it more. It is a truly transformative learning experience. It will change the way you look at your own relationships with others and will allow you to become more open and compassionate. It will allow you to find your own blind spots. And reassure you that everyone else has them as well. It will build your confidence in the IC topic. And coach you to become (better) IC professional. Magdalena Szumna


I feel equipped to structure the content in a professional way. Interactions with other participants, getting to know them through intro videos, discussion call and final call, their webinars. I learned from them as well. Amazing!



How this course is different from other courses in Intercultural Communication?

  • This is an action oriented course. No learning for the learning sake. Instead, you will learn and apply
  • This is a transformation and information based course. This course aims to change the mindset of the participant and makes the participant adapt to goal-oriented learning and acting
  • This well-structured course is designed to help you develop an in-depth understanding of Intercultural Communication and Awareness, so you can easily take the next step in the IC Career
  • The live sessions of the MIC Course allow the participants to interact with the tutor and get direct feedback and reviews on their exercises by the tutor
  • Every Participant will be delivering an own webinar and write an article




650,00 Euro (21% VAT included)




This course is led by a highly skilled tutor who is passionate about making each of the students succeed in their goal of taking action and Mastering Intercultural Communication

Barbara Bartczak



Additional Information

Materials required for this Course: You will need a solid online connection, and time for yourself 🙂

Course duration: 8 weeks + additional time to launch your own webinar and write an article

How the course will be conducted: Online Classes arriving into your email box + 4 live meetings with your Trainer

Price of Course: 650,00 EUR (incl. 21% VAT)

Refund policy: No Refund

Course prerequisites: Participants are not expected to have any prior experience in Intercultural Communication. Passion, dedication, and willingness to complete the course are the only prerequisites for this course

Length of access: 12 months after the completion of the course

Number of modules: 8 modules

Total number of seats per course: 8



Dates and registration

The next training start on 24th of August.

Please refer to our calendar for additional dates.



Listen to the MIC Alumni 




What Clients say about the MIC Course

If you want to explore intercultural aspects, understand how to communicate more effectively with others, how to be more successful abroad and how to behave in multinational environment, then this course is for you. It definitely provides you with full spectrum of practical information, dos and don’ts that are critical while traveling or working abroad. I fully recommend it! Edyta Nales


This training will open your eyes to look at yourself and others with curiosity but without judgment. You will definitely discover some interesting facts about other nationalities. You will have the opportunity to ask questions to experienced intercultural trainer and get a lot of meaningful insights. You will have possibly to meet other participants who are based in different countries. It’s also a lot of fun so you will leave each session with the smile on your face 🙂 You should definitely sign up for this course! Kamila Wieczorek


I felt that the MIC was a great first insight into the potential for a future career as an Intercultural Trainer. I found it engaging and really opened my eyes to what I don’t know but also made me realise that this course is an excellent introduction to the world of Intercultural Communication. Would definitely recommend! Annelie Wambeek


I stepped out of my comfort zone (the webinar) and it was paralyzing and I am happy I could do it and it helped me realize a lot about myself and my limits.


The course was structured, but the content and the way it was run was fluid and comprehensive and with a lot of human factor – this helped me remind myself that not everything needs to be perfect, overly structured or overly thought.





Frequently asked questions:  

  • I am an absolute beginner. Is this course suitable for me? Yes, absolutely. 
  • I am an advanced intercultural trainer and I am fully booked. I want to improve as a trainer. Is this course suitable for me? No. This course may not be ideal for you. Please get in touch with the trainer to talk about your further development.
  • Can the course curriculum and duration be made flexible depending on the participant’s requirements? No. The course duration is 6 weeks and the contents are fixed. 
  • Will I get lifetime access to this course? No. You will get 3 months of free access after the completion of the course.
  • Is the course divided into subject-wise modules? Yes. The course has 8 modules and is further divided into chapters for better understanding.
  • Will there be enough exercises for practice? Yes, each chapter will have exercises to be completed by the participants.
  • How many hours does one need per week to devote to this course? Approximately 4 hours per week, including the MIC meetings.
  • Will there be a certificate issued at the end of the course? Yes, a certificate of participation will be given to all participants who finish all the course exercises successfully.
  • Will I be able to watch the videos again and again during and after the course? Yes. All the course materials and videos can be accessed again and again during the course and till 3 months after the course.
  • Will the course be available in different languages? The course is conducted in English. 
  • Do I need to be online at a given time? The modules will arrive in your email account and you can do them in your own pace. There are 4 live sessions with the tutor during the course – those you attend live and in real time.
  • I will be on holidays, therefore not everyday available to be online. Can I attend the course? Yes, as long as you have an internet connection and access to your email account.
  • Is there any payment plan? No. You will need to pay the complete course fee at the time of registration. 
  • Can I can by PayPal? Yes, you can pay by PayPal. 10% administration costs will be added to the fee.